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Environmental issues

NLG Colorado supports community activism!  East Boulder County United (EBCU) started in the summer of 2012 building a grassroots campaign against hydraulic fracturing, first a ban within the Lafayette city limits then expanding the ban to the state of Colorado, and then nationwide.  Through community self-governance and community rights change is possible.  EBCU believes hydraulic fracturing and other corporate projects are dangerous in many ways, and must be vigorously resisted at all levels by ordinary citizens.

Legal support

EBCU organizes direct actions as a way to educate the community and inspire change.  In order to assist its members, EBCU and the Guild have collaborated to provide legal support.

Pro bono defense

Interested in providing pro bono defense to those activists arrested?  Email Jes Jones.

If criminal defense is required, a secure web page will be established to facilitate collaboration between attorneys.

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