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Our Issues and Concerns

We recognize that there are many organizations doing good work, and there is no need to duplicate their efforts.  However, NLG Colorado supports the work of others by encouraging engagement in their efforts, and reinforcing their goals.  Our members have various passions and experiences-there are many different ways to get involved.

Mass Incarceration

Given that structural inequality, concentrated poverty, and a culture of punitive social control have disenfranchised large portions of the population as part of the system of mass incarceration, we prioritize the struggles of those directly impacted by the system.  And though many of our individual efforts are successful, together we wield far more power.

Mass incarceration inflicts systemic violence; therefore we must deal with it systemically. We work to unite all those organizations and communities in Colorado that are either directly impacted by mass incarceration, working to end it, or both, with the aims of unifying movements and fostering broader collaboration.

Police Accountability

Guild members have been involved in organizing and participating in protests and demonstrations around abuses by police and sheriffs, such as the death of Marvin Booker in the city jail and the shooting death by police officers of Jessica Hernandez.  Working alongside groups like Black Lives Matter, the Greater Denver Ministerial Alliance and the American Civil Liberties Union we have met with representatives of the Denver Police Department, the Denver Sheriffs Department and the Denver District Attorney’s office around these issues.

Mass Defense & Legal Observers

We periodically provide training for people who wish to act as legal observers.  Legal observers are individuals who attend public demonstrations, protests, and other activities where there is a potential for conflict between the public or activists and law enforcement officers.  Legal observers monitor, record and report on unlawful or improper behavior by law enforcement officers and others who may engage with demonstrators. They may provide video or written records, or testify in civil or criminal litigation that may arise out of those situations. The very presence of legal observers may also act as a deterrent to unconstitutional behavior by law enforcement officers.

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