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Movement support

The NLG is committed to supporting movements and activism for social, environmental, and legal justice.

  • We are organizers at heart.  We look for opportunities to match needs with resources, to amplify the community efforts taking place, and to help grow and increase the impact for change!

  • There are many ways to problem solve, and the NLG recognizes that legal action in a courtroom is not the only way to bring about lasting, systematic change -  in fact, it is often a last resort.  However, given our work within and familiarity of the legal systems, can we help provide some advice or guidance that may be helpful?

  • The presence of Legal Observers® may serve as a deterrent to unconstitutional behavior by law enforcement during a demonstration.  Request LOs at your next action!

  • Be prepared and plan ahead! Check out our resources!

Movement Repression and Security Culture.  State and Federal Surveillance and Repression are REAL.

  • Concerned about safe electronic communication?  Check out these Tips, Tools and How-Tos from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


Arrests, Representation, Complaints: What to do if you have had a bad encounter with police.

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Know Your Rights

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Participating in Direct Actions: A Guide for Transgender People

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